Thursday, 26 April 2012


Well here's the Chinese tin in it's new home. The lid of the tin gets a little stuck, so it's not that easy to open and close, which had a bearing of what I would intend to keep inside it. I thought I'd get a little fed up if it held something that I needed to use on a regular basis.
So therefore I decided, as I have started to accumulate some bookmarks (currently homeless), to store them in the tin, with the lid open. I think it makes quite a good shiny backdrop and shows them up well. The bookmark with the tassel fits in very well, doesn't it?
I can also see it much better, as it's moved down a shelf, so the colours show up even better now - thanks for setting me off on a small re-homing task, P!


  1. Love it! good choice, and that red tassel number is absolutely brilliant. Do you think it was intended as a tea caddy originally? I like the idea of taking objects and using or placing them out of context, and I like the way you have adapted its use to what is convenient to you - I'm all for that!
    I have also spotted the Miss Carol £1 gift voucher - is it real? how lovely to think that someone would be given £1 to spend at the hairdressers, what would that buy I wonder?

  2. I don't think it was intended as a tea caddy - even though it could be used as one (if it was a brand of tea you didn't need to use daily!). I haven't had it for that long, less than a year - it was part of a Birthday present, from a special person, whom we both know. She has very good taste and always gets gifts spot on!

    The Miss Carol voucher is indeed real - there are also vouchers for 50p and £5. A Shampoo and Set is £6.50. Hair nets are £1.10 Money goes a long way at Miss Carol's - and you get a cup of tea too.

  3. Friends with good taste should be valued, it saves the embarrassment of having to put unwanted gifts on show when they visit (not that I’ve ever done this!).

    A 50p voucher, I’m astounded; what a gem of a place, but I suspect profits may be rather low(?).

  4. I totally agree, and I do try to value my friends, even if I don't get to see some of them as much as I'd like.
    Though I have had items out 'on show' that I don't like in the past (but not got them out of drawer especially), just felt obligated to keep them.
    Not any more. Gasp.

    It is such a complete gem, and only 2 mins away from me. The business celebrated 35 years of trade from the same building, last November. Not bad! The Salon had a double page spread article in the New Years Day edition of The Bristol Evening Post. Miss Carol and her 'staff' Janet were over the moon, and it was the talk of the salon for weeks.


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