Sunday, 17 March 2013


 The level of the garden at the back of our house had sometime ago, been made higher, to enable Audrey (in her later years) to tend her garden without having to bend down. When we moved in, there were lots and lots of daffodils out in bloom, nodding their yellow heads welcomingly, in the April sunshine. Audrey's Brother had planted all the bulbs (as a gift) before winter had set in, so she would have a "nice show come spring time," so Margaret said.

It was such a pity that Audrey never got to see them.

Though I did, every day - until they too, died. I so appreciated their glowing abundance.

I found these pieces of blue and white when I first dug our garden, a few years back now. There were quite a few more pieces, but I have only kept these two (the rest are back in the garden soil). I put them outside on the kitchen windowsill for a while, yet that now have come to rest on the wooden shelf unit in the bedroom. I wonder if they were pieces from Audrey and Albert's old china plates?

I especially like the larger shard as it has a beautiful wing painted on the back of either some kind of creature or Angel type figure.

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