Artists Book - Open House: No.18 & No. 42

Product details
• Concept, Design & Production: Angie Butler and Philippa Wood
• Size: both books are 210 x 180mm
• Publisher: The Caseroom Press & Pet Galerie Press
• Publication Date: Summer 2012
• Price: £100 per set
• Limited Edition: 12

Background information
Open House is the result of collaboration between Angie Butler and Philippa Wood. This two-volume set of artists’ books – No.18 and No.42, was created especially for the Sense of Place exhibition, curated by Karen Kinoshita at the University of Minnesota.

The books are accompanied by an on-going blog:

Book Description

No.18. An intimate selection of creative interpretations (twelve blog post headings) from our online house ‘tour’ – descriptions and stories about items and objects from an everyday (but much loved) spoon rest, to the ‘extravagance’ of eating liquorice. The experience of looking through this book has parallels with viewing a house: in turning pages/opening doors, different thoughts and narratives are revealed, depending on how you navigate your way, and if caring to delve deeper, or look closer. The 24pp book is hardback cloth bound in three sections with decorative endpapers. It is letterpress, silkscreen and digitally printed, with additional manually typewritten text, and ornamented with both badges and buttons.
Angie Butler

No.42 is a visual exploration of my living environment. Personal objects and belongings, and the space they inhabit, are described in what initially appears to be a rather abstract or impersonal manner. Further memories associated with the house or objects within, are hidden away in small envelopes stitched into the book, to be revealed only if and when the viewer feels tempted to discover more.
The 24pp book is encased within grey-board covers with an exposed spine and decorative endpapers. The book is printed using both traditional letterpress techniques and digital technology. In addition machine stitching, self-adhesive stickers and rubber stamps are used to embellish the pages of the book.
Philippa Wood

Below: A selection of pages from Open House: two volume set, No.18 & No.42.

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