Friday, 25 January 2013

The Inherited Sewing Basket

There is actually quite a lot of furniture in this room, some of which offers really good storage; from the practicalities of the plan chest, to the chrome locker, to a white – reasonably new – cabinet (or should that be side-board? quite an old-fashioned name).  Hidden in here is an eclectic mix of ‘stuff’ – including my inherited sewing basket; I have decided to show this item purely because you were asking questions regarding its appearance in a previous post. So here is my quite unlovely sewing basket, inherited from D’s mother after she died, because none of his three sisters wanted it. As you can see, it is not quite as orderly as yours!! But despite the tattered, unstuck braiding, and the broken handle, the contents were what attracted me most. A little bit of family history in a box. 
A - I wasn't sure whether or not I should be waiting for the crochet (blue) part of your post - so apologies for slipping this in...P

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Kimono + Crochet (Blue)

So, after entering the bedroom looking round to the left hand side now, following the wall we have something that I enjoy looking at a lot - a hand painted silk kimono, hung on a bamboo pole on the wall. I don't wear it, as I like to admire it this way instead. You may also recognise the wooden shelf unit (from the studio in an earlier post) which is much more suited to being up here in the bedroom - I think it also takes on quite an eastern appearance being in close proximity with the kimono! There are quite a few different items on the shelves now that weren't there before - wondering if I should do a few close-ups if there's anything you'd like to see a little better?

Ok, here are a few close up pics from the shelves:

50's belt buckle

'Cures' Key, Japanese Tin, Luke's Plate

'B' ring, Taiwanese Shell

Recipe & Red Riding Hood Books, Strange Rabbit Ornament

Small Metal Box, Portrait Postcard

Plasters Tin, Wind-up Bird, Ginko Postacrd

Crochet (some of the Blue ones are my favourites)

In the ottoman below the shelf are lots of crochet doilies which I have acquired from a few different places - an amazing charity shop in Denmark had some lovely ones, and over here ... well, I've bought them from various ladies at craft stall and charity shops, and been crocheted some especially too. Some are made by hands that are no longer here.
They are testament to a believed lost craft, but with a recent resurgence of 'the handmade', there are many new crochet blankets and doilies in the shops again, if you look carefully.

(I laid the doilies on the washing basket near the bedroom window to take this photo, as it was a little too dark for the colours to shine, over the other side of the room, on the ottoman today)

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