Monday, 2 April 2012

The End

It might have been more appropriate to have this as the final image on the blog, but it seems logical to show you where we put house keys and/or car keys when we come in the front door; another practicality as I lose keys on a regular basis at work so this, in theory, enables me to know where they are! The end sign is a concrete tile made by some students years ago as part of a project to promote pay-as-you-go funerals! I have another one in the garden (six feet under) but it has started to disintegrate.
These items all sit on a narrow cupboard under the window that houses the electricity meter, it was a favourite spot of our beloved cat who died a few years ago.


  1. Really laughed at the back story about 'the end' concrete tile, a symptom of our time - !?
    This tour is quite educational already - S is always asking me where (his) keys of various sorts are (the key hooks are empty!) so perhaps a dish is the solution - again, good design and function (and aesthetic too).
    The cat looks sooo relaxed stretched out on the cupboard. I have also noticed a rather handsome (perspex?) Ampersand on the windowsil ...

  2. The ampersand is wooden but no longer sits in the window, in fact I'm not sure where I've put it...


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