Sunday, 22 April 2012

Wooden? (Well I hope I have at least some positive attributes!)

As we are finally in the room off the hallway, (and clear of the wonky door, which you can just see on the left of the 1st. picture) I wanted to draw a parallel to your small shelf, by showing you my shelf, which sits above where I sit whilst working on the computer. The 3rd. picture down shows the shelf unit (handmade by S) in the original context for which it was made, my MA Show. It housed a collection of postcards, a book mark, and a commemorative 'Artist-In-Residence' plate. Along with all of the other pieces of furniture, I ended up bringing it home, but unlike most of the other items, I kept it. It now houses a collection of disparate (mostly) printed ephemera, and a few strange little objects here and there. Items I have acquired from book fairs, exhibitions and events or been given by friends and family. Anything you find interesting that you'd like me to tell you about?


  1. What a lovely visual treat. The first thing that strikes me is how tidy your workspace appears to be. The shelf, with its pre-made compartments also seems very ordered and visually appealing; I like the fact that things are not only propped or placed on the shelf but also stuck to the wall, thereby using the shelf as a you ever edit this collection? or is it a case of gradually adding to it... and what's in the little red japanese tin?

  2. Maybe I took the photo before I'd done (much? any?) work.
    This is the computer workspace though, so is relatively clean - the studio is now split into sections for the different processes that I use.
    The sticking on the wall of things is a new method - I had a few stickers and bookmarks that needed to be housed, so they naturally lent themselves to fill in the space within the shelves. Yes, I do edit - it's actually been changed around more recently - or maybe that was just so I could cram more stuff in? Hmmm...
    Oh, and the tin - well, nothing.
    Even I'm disappointed now!
    I want to use it, as I think it's so appealing.
    Ok, I am going to use it now - you mentioning it has made up my mind that I should. So, I will change the shelf arrangement around and report back soon!
    (With new pictures!)

  3. Gosh, editing shows a real sense of control - well done - I'm more likely just to keep adding until the shelf becomes full!
    Intrigued to see what becomes of the japanese tin...!


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