Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A rose amongst the ruins ...

As you come out of the bedroom, immediately on your left (at the top of the stairs is the bathroom, (if you can call it that). It's the one room that we have done no work in, after ripping up the (soggy) carpet. It's a mess, stripped back to original floorboards, most of which we'll have to replace, and also a large chimney, which would've orginally been part of the oven in the kitchen downstairs. It's going to be a job probably for next year, but will be great to enjoy having a bath in nicer surroundings when it's finished!

You can see the chimney immediately left of the door. Also the holes where we have taken off the hardboard door panel are clearly visible. Lucky to have the original glass underneath!

An ironic painting hung on the bathroom chimney.
You can see that old 50's yellow colour that the bathroom used to be painted.


  1. I love the glass, and can't believe it has survived all this time, entombed in hardboard (good old A). Is there any sign of a fireplace? and would this always have been a bathroom I wonder? The bathroom carpet is such a British failing isn't it?

    The juxtaposition of the decadent gilt frame against the distressed brick and plaster work is perfect! and the sort of thing you may well see in Elle Deco!
    I wonder whether you have an image in your mind as to how the bathroom will look when it is finished, or do you let a room evolve?

  2. No sign of a fireplace downstairs P, probably knocked out years ago to make more room. I'm not sure if it was even always two storeys? I'll have to get the deeds out and have a look! It's a big room, so I think it probably used to be a third bedroom, with the 'outhouse' being downstairs outside (we found remains of it in the garden/back yard).
    Oh the carpet - yeugh, say no more - water and carpet - no!
    I think as it's a bathroom particularly, there's only certain places that bath/shower/ loo/ sink etc., can go because of the drainage. Though, at the moment, I'm thinking it would be nice just to have proper flooring!

  3. Yes, it makes sense that it was a bedroom, especially if it is a large sized room; this has always been my experience – our largest bathroom ever was in a two bed-roomed house, which had utilised the third bedroom. Whereas our current bathroom is small, and almost out of proportion to the other rooms in the house, despite the fact that the previous owners undertook a small double storey extension to make it bigger!
    It’s interesting that in recent years we have seen specific bathroom shops appearing on the High Street, I guess this is again a response to the fact that we are a throw away society and it is not unusual now for people to want to change the entire look of the bathroom. This would be unheard of in my grandparents day, and in fact it is only this year that my mum has made the decision to have her bathroom renovated – although she did feel guilty spending money on what she considered to be unnecessary!


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