Monday, 21 October 2013

In the time it takes to go up and down the stairs ...

(which ok, admittedly has been quite a while) the base of the stairs has changed quite a bit! The paper has been scraped off the walls to reveal the original decoration underneath (plus quite a few new patching jobs to do) and the position of the newel post has changed to be two steps up from the bottom of the staircase. The re-site of the post has now changed how the stairs can be navigated (can step up from the side), and has also widened the hallway - as you may notice from the pic - the two bottom stairs are removable which 'well whaddya know' know, when they are taken away - it makes it possible to steer a vinatge vespa scooter all the way through our terraced house and ot into the workshop beyond!


  1. What an ingenious solution! Only S could have thought that one up – I'm very impressed. I like the fact that the original feature of the newel post is still very much intact (not sure A would have had such loyalty) and yet it allows for the house to function in the way that you need it to (always a Butler trademark).
    The revealed lower walls look a very dark colour – is it black? Very curious…

  2. The walls are painted a dark maroonish-brown colour P, and that lower section goes all the way up to the top of the stairs. Yes, we wanted to keep the newel post - the ball cap on the top is very round, and I can't find another quite like it, (it's such a crazy pink colour, too!) so S will probably end up making a similar one to go at the top of the stairs (there is an acorn-shaped one there at the moment - Albert's work I wonder? - and it's just all wrong!) at some point in the next however many years. If you were able to go back up the stairs again, you would see the 'new' cupboard at the end of the hallway, but nevermind - on with carrying along the lower hallway on the way to the kitchen I think!

  3. Crazy colour combinations! I love the fact that your house has evolved so much during the time we have been writing this blog.
    Hallways are such a mammoth undertaking in terms of decoration, which can be quite frustrating as they are such transient spaces – we never really spend anytime within them – we just pass through.


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