Monday, 26 March 2012

Scarlet Wonder

Well, I know it may (definitely!) not look like much at the moment, but this was once quite a special place, as I hope (with my plans) it will be again.

Albert used to have a piece of board placed here,
from the windowsill to the baton (fixed on the wall on the right)and on it was the most magnificent scarlet geranium you had ever seen. Margaret(my next door neighbour, no.20, and Audrey's best friend), tells me that the plant, as it was sheltered, flowered the whole year round. Albert was very proud of it's flowering capacity, and he liked the thought that people would see it through the window from the street ... stop, and look in admiration.


  1. I am slightly curious to know why the shelf disappeared in the first place? did they take it with them? (assuming that is, that A and A are still alive)... I have every faith that one day you too can have a scarlet show stopper!

  2. I removed the shelf on moving in (at the time, not realising that the sawn piece of bowed plywood held any significance). My plan for this area is to have a tiny gallery space to show artists books and publishing. I'd like that.
    If this doesn't actually materialise, I may start growing scarlet geraniums!


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