Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Secret Front Door

Ok P, I thought it would be nice to show you the whole of the front (porch door) and have it then magically open, to reveal another front door behind it.
You will actually get into the house eventually ... you see, Albert decided that he wanted the 'biggest bay window in the street' so he built a huge square bay on the front of his house, and added another front door too.
You'll get to know of Albert, and his wife Audrey, quite well as the tour develops. They lived here for over forty years before me.

The 'old' front door looks very poorly doesn't it?
It has some nice traditional panes of bubble glass inset into it, but has it's edge panel missing at the bottom. I think It'll look nice when it's restored (the same goes for the rest of the house!).


  1. Oh wow, my perception of the house has been turned upside down, it is totally different to how I imagined the exterior initially. Did Albert undertake the work himself? The original door is still beautiful though, and at least it didn't get put in a skip and replaced with a upvc one. Will it be painted green too eventually?

  2. Well, that's interesting to know P.
    I think the house (because of the huge bay) looks more like an old-fashioned shop.
    Yes, all Albert's (and maybe a willing friend's) own work, as is/was all the interior too - very D.I.Y. (and mostly using 4" screws!).
    Feel very lucky that all the original house features still exist. Albert was from a very make do and mend era ... more on that to follow, as we tour.

    I'd like to show you the small space to the left next, before we go through the 'real front door - is that ok?

  3. Yes, it does look like a shop. I'm already looking forward to seeing more of Albert's handy work, and lucky regarding lots of original features, mine is the opposite; so what is to the left? I would like to see, then you'll have to pop round to mine for a bit!

  4. Ok P, there's a little Albert story coming up in my next post.
    Also, I didn't answer you r.e. the inside front door colour - I am a fan of green, but I'm not sure what colour it will be - maybe door-painting will happen during the course of the tour, and I can give an update!
    That's funny - from the appearance of front of your house, I was imagining a plethora of Victorian features once I ventured inside - am intrigued to find out more, so I'll post up now then we can get back to my invitation 'inside'!


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