Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Welcome P!

Hello P - this is where I live ... well, my front door anyway.
Want to chat on the doorstep for a bit,
or would you like to come on in?


  1. Hi A – maybe a quick natter on the doorstep first...nice door, I'm guessing it's original? although maybe it would have originally had stained or etched glass? The door knocker is unusual - what period?

  2. Ok, sure. The porch door? It's a 'new' front door painted in that particular 'traditional' shade of green. The butterfly knocker, an e-bay find; the screw holes needed to me drilled out to fit modern screws, so I'm guessing it has some age, but have no real idea. I would love a front door with stained glass. My Grandmother lived in a house named Ruby Cottage, it had a piece of ruby coloured glass in the panel above the door. She was named, Ruby. The 'original front door' is behind this one, and is in a bit of a sorry state ...

  3. Intriguing, there is no suggestion that it is a porch door; I love stained glass too – we once bought a house purely because of the stained glass door and windows; and here is a coincidence my Granny was also called Ruby - although she disliked the name so much that she insisted everyone call her Kay - Ruby Cottage sounds idyllic. I'm keen to see the sorry state of original door...

  4. I know P - basically we have two front doors, and it's all Albert's doing ... I'll mention him later.
    Gosh, you are quite reckless with house-buying on the strength of stained glass ... mind you, we only looked at this place for a total of 8 minutes, then put in an offer the same day.

    Wow, I'm amazed - two grandmother Ruby's. I wonder what other similarities there will be as our tour continues?

    I think it's time for a new post, going through the green door to the other 'front' door, and explaining the porch scenario ... tomorrow.

  5. great, can't wait... and need to more about Albert!


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