Monday, 17 March 2014

Granny’s blanket

Ok, I'm in the small third bedroom now – and as we have already discussed the merits of crochet, I thought I would share my blanket with you; made by Granny many years ago, it has several holes (which, if I were able to crochet I would probably be able to mend) the culprit was our old cat who loved to sleep on it, but would regularly pummel it with his claws. I hate to admit this but I have never dared wash it – although maybe I should rectify this situation? 


  1. After many years, the colours are still so bright and fresh, and it has almost a Mexican feel to it, especially as the same colours appear in the border. The crochet looks very fine (if only I could crochet too!), and I would imagine was a very comfy place for your old cat to curl up on, after clawing a nicely formed crochet blanket nest!

    Was she (Granny) the type of person who would have bought the wool especially, or would it be made from balls she already had?

  2. Good question about the wool... if you look closely you can maybe make out that the pink squares are in fact not all the same shade of pink, therefore I think it is more than likely that she produced the blanket using existing wool. She was a prolific crocheter, so I'm sure she would have had plentiful stash!


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