Monday, 10 March 2014

Kitchen (utensil)

Ok P, carrying on from the bottom of the stairs, we go along the back part of the hall way, past the recent (but as yet, not painted) addition of 'the under stairs cupboard' to arrive at the entrance to the kitchen. As you can see in the second photo (one with my slippered feet) there used to be a door here at some stage, which was removed. We are not going to put one back.

On into the kitchen, a galley type space, with units along one side and the sink, cooker and washing machine on the other. After renovating the kitchen (over our first Christmas holiday in this house), we knocked through
the back wall last summer to put a door (instead of a window) at the end of the kitchen. This necessitated changing the location of the sink, and therefore the plumbing and radiator position. So finishing and redecoration of this space is now being saved as a job for this summer.

On the stainless steel work surface is a spoon rest. It was found in a charity shop for 75p. It looked kind of familiar. It turned out that my Mum had one exactly the same. She doesn't know what happened to it. Maybe it got lost when they moved house?


  1. Wow A - that was one big post! The newly filled in staircase looks great. What age do you think the owl spoon rest is? and I know it's a silly question, but do you use it? especially as you have lovely stainless steel worktops - I think I would keep forgetting, or is it habit-forming?

  2. Yes, the understairs cupboard hides the 'recycling station' the Bissel floor sweeper (which I love) and all S's scooter gear, as well as shopping bags a few decorating bits and bobs, and of course the iron and ironing board. Great not to have to look at all that all the time anymore!
    I'm not sure how old the spoon rest is - probably later rather than earlier - 1970's? It is brown after all!
    You know, you're right, the surfaces are wipe-clean and I don't use it as I don't want to break it! When we decorate the kitchen over summer, I want to put it on the wall, as it already has a hole it it to hang it up.


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